California Bar Snack Cones

California Bar Snack Cones

Salted pretzels
Spiced cashews
Roasted corn
Salted almonds
£3.00 each

Cauliflower cheese croquette
with truffle mayo
Avocado and gruyere arancini
with chipotle mayo
Sticky chicken wings
soy and honey marinade with spring onion and sesame
Salmon tartare
with avocado, olives, currants, toasted coconut and almonds

Sharing slates

Glazed chicken skewers
satay marinade and spicy cashews

Beef burger sliders
with guacamole, iceberg lettuce and chipotle mayo

Dim Sum Selection
2 of each

Prawn and pork siu mai
Bbq pork char siu bun
Chicken and pork sui loong
Prawn and coriander dumpling
Shiitake and chestnut dumpling